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IT Support

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Cost-effective round-the-clock IT business support

Running a business can be demanding, which is why one in three companies outsource some, or all, of their IT business support. Gain a knowledgeable ally with Docex360 for the ultimate peace of mind.

Docex360 can deliver technical expertise for less than the cost of a dedicated IT team. In addition, we can recommend, install and manage technology according to business objectives and core competencies, as well as ensure that critical data is safe.

We take a proactive approach to IT, helping customers to avoid breakdowns and can provide a roadmap of technological requirements for every business.

As the first and only point of contact with their IT department, the service desk is vital to enable staff to focus on delivering their key objectives, while ensuring the business runs smoothly.

Through our highly skilled service professionals, we provide our customers with effective, round-the-clock IT support and incident management — augmenting existing teams and skillsets, and sharing our knowledge to meet and exceed user demands no matter where they are working.

Gain insight with an IT Assessment

Assessments are a great way for businesses to have their IT infrastructure, policies and operations independently examined and evaluated.

This process will ascertain whether pre-existing IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity and are aligned with the business’ objectives.

Docex360’s assessors will examine both physical security controls, as well as any business and financial controls that use IT systems, to ensure that processes are working effectively.

Assessment Goals:

  • Evaluate systems and processes that secure company data
  • Determine risks to information assets and identify solutions to minimise them
  • Ensure compliance with IT-specific laws, policies and standards
  • Determine inefficiencies in IT systems and associated management

IT audits can be time consuming or require significant investment in IT auditing software. However, outsourcing this task to Docex360 means businesses can better understand their existing set up, solve performance problems, reduce IT support issues, increase cyber security and get the best from their systems.

Build your solution from our IT support services

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There has been a significant rise in malware attacks and hardware failures. In fact, by 2022, 70% of organisations will have suffered disruption to business due to unrecoverable data lost in a software application.

Understanding your current security stance is the key to building an effective strategy to protect your organisation. Docex360 can help you recognise the defences that are already in place and guide you through the next steps.

Our experience working as an audio visual technology partner to some of the world’s biggest brands means we are experts at creating innovative new ways for businesses to connect and engage with their customers.

Why outsource your IT?

Even the most experienced IT professional will have gaps in their knowledge and a limited capacity to resolve issues in a work day.

However, outsourcing to a specialist like Docex360 will give you access to a larger IT team, with multi-tiered specialisms, allowing for broader coverage for your business.

Using an external company is perfect for businesses that want to eliminate overheads associated with IT support, or that don’t have the budget or space for an in-house IT team.

With Docex360 you’ll get cost-effective and comprehensive IT support for a manageable monthly fee.

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Should your company outsource IT?

A dedicated team without the overheads

IT companies have multi-tiered levels of experience that you can call upon. When outsourcing your IT needs, you will likely have the benefit of both a first response team who are familiar with your business, and a wider pool of expertise when you need it.

Your core account team will often include an account manager, front line helpdesk support and an experienced IT strategist to support your day to day needs. Outside of this first line of support, there will also be specialists in networking, Office 365 migrations, compliance and IT security available to name a few.

It would be nearly impossible to recreate this breadth of knowledge in-house without massive staffing and equipment overheads. Outsourcing IT is an efficient and cost effective way to access a wide range of skills covered by a monthly fee that is manageable for your business.

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IT Audit

An IT audit is the examination and evaluation of an organisation’s information technology infrastructure, policies and operations.

Information technology audits determine whether IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity and are aligned with the business’s overall goals. IT auditors examine not only physical security controls, but also overall business and financial controls that involve information technology systems.

Because operations at modern companies are increasingly computerised, IT audits are used to ensure information-related controls and processes are working properly. 

Without the information already to hand, an IT audit can be a time consuming manual task or requires a sizable capital investment in IT auditing software. We can help you

Understand your existing setup
You’re part of a new IT Management team and need to know what’s ‘out there’ – perhaps there has been a recent acquisition and merger and you’re looking to begin a tidy-up or rationalise your systems.

Solve performance problems
Identify routing loops, or poor network optimisation – resolve problems with devices losing connectivity – troubleshoot slow performance of servers or your workstations.

Reduce IT support issues
You need to ensure all computers are running accepted versions of software – you want assurance that patching is up-to-date and confirmation that your systems are uniformed across the organisation.

Cyber security
Find loopholes and weaknesses in your infrastructure – ensure that the latest anti-virus and threat management tools and updates are running.

Get the best from your systems
Use an IT audit as the basis for moving forward and improving the efficacy and performance of your systems.

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