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The 2016 Toshiba eBridge Lineup

DOCEX360 elected to partner with Toshiba TEC as they are the print and MFD manufacturer with the strongest heritage in IT and solutions. These devices are no longer just for printing or copying, they are strategic workflow devices that are critical to the successful workflow of any organisation. Therefore a seamless link to the digital world is critical, as is the security of your network and data.

Toshiba’s new e-bridge technology is the benchmark in all of these areas – providing total peace of mind for your business.


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Print Management

We understand that your print hardware is just the beginning, that’s why we leverage our leading-innovation technology with software solutions. DOCEX360 provide leading software that will help you save money, better manage documents, secure critical information and improve efficiencies.

Pull Printing

Implementing print policies within an organisation enables cost to be reduced and controlled. Rules based printing defines what is printed, how it is printed and where it is printed. In addition, user authentication adds increased security levels and safeguards sensitive information, whilst reporting enables ongoing monitoring of costs by users and departments.


Mobile & Cloud

Sharing information is a way of improving workflow efficiencies, and the explosion in cloud-based services has fuelled demand for printing ‘on the go.’ Mobile printing facilitates organisational needs for document availability at the click of a button or swipe of an app. Cloud services support mobile printing by offering secure and instant access to documents and other materials in the office or on the move.