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Do more with less

DOCEX360 can help provide you with greater clarity & simplicity to every aspect of your existing business systems, so you can do more with less resource. The solutions that we offer combine market leading technology with our knowhow, to provide streamlined processes with a significant and rapid return on investment.


In an effort to make informed decisions faster, companies are forever searching for ways to better leverage their business intelligence and provide a competitive edge. Many companies are still driving their businesses purely based on common sense and experience. DOCEX360 bespoke approach to data helps organisations make profound decisions and provides early indications about process deviations.

AP is an end to end solution designed to automate invoice processing with everything from scanning and storage of invoices through to fully automated invoice matching solution with integrated authorising workflows.

AR quickly and accurately allocates all received payments to the relevant customer accounts. Providing benefits not just in day to day processing time and credit control functions but also more accurate management information when it is needed.


While many organisations today face challenges around compliance and the rules and regulations imposed, implementing the process necessary to ensure compliance is the more challenging part, we can guide you through the obstacles to make sure people and processes follow the rules protecting your business from.

Automating HR tasks and managing the capture and management of HR related documents is something that we excel in. we enable our clients to have secure access for personnel and automated notifications for a smoother on-boarding of staff, from interview to employment.

Using technology based around our core offering, custom-built solutions can be created to fit any business need. We do this in an entirely unique manner … The Platform is installed as the core to any Process Automation solution and a suitable component added to address the particular need. Once the initial process has been streamlined, the system can then be built on using any number of components, to improve additional processes throughout the organisation. By working this way, we can ensure that the initial investment in the core technology allows a very cost effective way to grow in the future.

The Benefits of Process Automation:

  • Gain visibility and control of your documents
  • Simplify processes to make them more efficient
  • Be pro-active rather than re-active
  • Decrease reliance on paper and people
  • Reliable platform that grows with your business
  • Share data immediately with anyone in your business
  • Meet compliance targets and government legislation
  • Disaster proof your processes

For many, paper documents are still a way of life. We need them to archive our records, keep track of our bills, monitor reports and many more uses . Companies today are under pressure to improve bottom line performance by improving the efficiency of the document workflow. They also face significant challenges in integrating competing standards, optimizing document integrity, meeting service level agreements (SLAs), Technology has been shifting the desired delivery method of customer communications from paper to electronic delivery methods.

When you consider that most documents start life in an electronic format; contain data that has ben extracted from internal systems, and often end up in a digital repository somewhere, it could be argued that in an ideal state we shouldn’t have to print anything. If we work hard to cut out the paper stages of business processes they would be more efficient; o keying errors; no data loss; better decision making opportunities, and minimal distribution costs.

The appetite to supress print continues to grow as environmentally conscious business leaders look for ways that they can reduce the impact on their surroundings. With this shift have also come challenges including when and how to prevent documents to be printed when a customer or provider requests e-delivery as well as how to give people access to the electronic documents consistently and efficiently.

Although printed transactional communications still remain essential in certain cases, today’s leaders are expecting more options: to receive their bills via email, for example; or consult directly through a Web portal. They also expect to be able to reply and react instantaneously, in a single click.

This is the new dimension we provide with the ultimate goal to enhance business communications and automate processes without impacting current systems.

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