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As a specialist manufacturer of contact lenses and associated eye-care equipment, No7 Contact Lenses has gained an enviable reputation for innovation and developing high quality products. In order to optimise its business activities, the company selected Toshiba TEC printing technology from Authorised Business Partner Docex360, which is helping to maintain the high quality service that its customers expect.

“Our employees are unanimous in their praise for the Toshiba MFPs, highlighting their reliability, intuitive operation and ease of use as a significant improvement on what was in place before. As well as the operational advantages, the financial benefits of the new MFPs have been immense too, with a 25% saving on hardware and operational costs over a year.” – Kirk Jones, Director of No7 Contact Lenses.

Hastings based No7 Contact Lenses has continually brought new and innovative products to the optometry sector for over 30 years. Its laboratory provides contact lenses for patients throughout the world and prides itself in taking on the most challenging prescriptions, with products expertly crafted to provide the very best outcomes for patients.

Eye know

No7 Contact Lenses is equally dedicated to helping optometrists grow their businesses – something that has proven more difficult with the rise of online contact lens vendors. Therefore, in addition to standard contact lenses, the company has a range of products and services that span the spectrum of vision care solutions from dietary supplements that combat degenerative ocular disease, to lenses that correct vision while a person sleeps. No7 Contact Lenses has also developed educational programmes to ensure that eye-care professionals are always in a position to advise on the full range of its products and services.

‘Although we pride ourselves on our product development and ability to creatively adapt to trends and demands, we also need to make sure that orders are processed and dispatched quickly,’ comments Kirk Jones, director at No7 Contact Lenses. ‘Printed documentation is a vital part of our workflows and therefore every department across the business relies heavily on printing, copying and scanning technology. Unfortunately, we had started to have problems with our previous fleet, which caused us numerous business continuity issues, and to compound the issue our service provider wasn’t able to give us the fast response that we required when problems occurred. Having previously been approached by the company, I decided to contact Docex360 to see what it could do to help.’

One vision

Located in Horsham, Docex360 has successfully adopted a consultative approach to print management and offers a unique blend of IT, software, workflow, and document management solutions. The company specialises in providing a smooth and seamless link between the physical operations of document handling and printing and the digital world, while always helping to ensure that data is protected – something that is crucial for those dealing with sensitive customer information.

‘It was clear that Kirk was having a number of reliability issues with his existing printing set-up and that this had become a source of immense frustration for him and his staff,’ says Ben Hall, managing director at Docex360. ‘When we visit a potential customer we look at all the interconnected areas of their business to get a complete understanding of their aims, objectives and challenges. Only after doing this can we suggest a tailored solution that will meet their needs.’

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No7 Contact Lenses’ customer services, post room, sales operation and accounts departments all have high volume needs and after assessing their requirements, it was obvious that the existing print infrastructure could be improved upon. Therefore, Ben Hall recommended a solution based around Toshiba TEC’s innovative multifunction products (MFP).

Hall explains, ‘When we set up the business we wanted to work with a manufacturer with the strongest heritage and highest quality products. Therefore, we became a Toshiba TEC Authorised Business Partner and have formed a trusted relationship that helps us provide the best products and solutions. We work closely with a Toshiba TEC business partner manager to help us deliver personalised solutions to meet the evolving requirements of our customers.’

The solution designed by Docex360 consisted of a mix of Toshiba’s e-STUDIO A3 MFPs and A4 desktop printers. The customer appreciated the intuitive touchscreen controls and dual scan document feature on the MFPs, while the innovative technology on the desktop devices will help to connect their workgroups and simplify their print activities.

The long view

Docex360 recognised No7 Contact Lenses’ need for simple, effective and streamlined document management, security and waste reduction. The MFPs have been supplied with Hold Print functionality, which retains a document from a computer on the network in a personal folder until a user releases the print job from the MFP’s touch panel. This function helps prevent users from forgetting to remove printed sheets and Hold Print jobs can be released or deleted as required.

PaperCut software has also been installed on the devices. Excess printing is a huge financial burden on businesses and the majority of paper waste occurs from users printing to a device and then forgetting, or simply not bothering, to collect their documents.

‘When embedded on a Toshiba e-STUDIO MFP, PaperCut allows the tracking of printing, copying and scanning activities by user, device or department,’ states Chris Mills, Indirect Channel marketing manager for Toshiba TEC. ‘By collecting data via a print server it lets information services administrators monitor usage patterns and costs, and take appropriate action when necessary. The facility to implement quotas and restrict where and when mono, colour and duplex printing can take place has been proven to facilitate significant cost savings. This functionality can lead to an overall waste reduction of up to 30 per cent and also decreases the amount of consumables – such as ink and toner – that are used.’

The line of sight

‘Connecting and integrating the e-STUDIO MFPs was a completely hassle free process thanks to the speed and efficiency demonstrated throughout the entire process by Docex360,’ concludes Kirk Jones of No7 Contact Lenses. ‘Our employees have been unanimous in their praise for the Toshiba TEC MFPs, highlighting their reliability, intuitive operation and ease of use as a significant improvement on what was in place before. As well as the operational advantages, the financial benefits of the new MFPs have been immense too, with a 25% saving on hardware and operational costs over a year.’


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