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document and print management from mobile devices

Transparency of information throughout an organisation is the key to success, but when mobile and cloud technologies need to connect with traditional hard copy documents, it’s not always straightforward.

Working using tablets

Problems bridging the gap between old and new are common as many printing solutions are tied to fixed desktops as opposed to mobile devices. Docex360 can easily help customers overcome this issue by guiding them through how to:

Work from anywhere and print on-the-go

Speed, efficiency and flexibility are vital components in any successful set up – whether that’s in the office or out on the road, so choosing the right printer can make a significant difference to productivity.

Here are just some of the ways that Docex360 can help get the job done:


If someone is offsite and has forgotten key documents, you can scan and email them to their mobile phone via a multifunction printer


Wireless printing

Easy set up and access for everyone, without the need for cables

Secure printing

Access codes to initiate printing important or confidential documents when you’re next to the machine

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